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Temper's A Weapon And I Hold The Blade [OPEN]
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The Black Lake
Many creatures lie in this lake...but it is quite a beautiful place to have a picnic. On the shores of the lake is the school's only gravesite: a White Tomb.
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Running to Stand Still {Open}
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The Courtyard is quite beautiful and has a large fountain in the middle, as well as a few benches here and there.
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Fury of the Storm (Sally)
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Forbidden Forest
Be safe here! The Forbidden Forest is dangerous place to be.
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Gamekeeper's Hut
The Gamekeeper lives in this open floor-plan, thatched roof hut!
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Greenhouses & Gardens
Don't let the Professor catch you sneaking in here for anything! Some Greenhouses are off limits because of their dangerous plants.
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Steamy [OPEN]
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Training Grounds
This open grass courtyard is used for various classes and lessons, including Apparition, Care of Magical Creatures, Charms, DADA, Flying, and Transfiguration.
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All I Ever Wanted [OPEN]
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Quidditch Pitch
Practicing for the game? Or just getting a little flying in? Either way, the pitch is generally open to anyone.
The grounds could be the most beautiful part of Hogwarts. There are many places to see, so get to it!