Marauder's Map
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Hogwarts Letter
Get acquainted with AWW by reading our Plot and Rules!
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Keep up to date with Announcements, or reach out to staff with your Questions.
Character Creation
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KRUM, Iren Marita
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The Sorting Hat
Check out the Canon List, grab the Application, and Apply here! Remember that applications should be titled: "LAST, first middle"
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Find all of your Claims here, such as House Points, Who Plays Who, Face Claims, etc. Please make sure to do these immediately after being accepted.
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Get to know each other's characters and establish relationships with Plotters!
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Levi's twin sister <3
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Want Ads
Have a family member you want to plot with your character? Or maybe a love interest? This is the place to request them!
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Erissa's Tracker
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Thread Trackers
Keep track of all of your threads here!
Behind the Veil
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Magical Bulletins
The postings of the Daily Prophet and the Scalding Cauldron can be found here! Don't hesitate to send in your juicy gossip!
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In The Sky With Diamonds {Nikolai}
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Time Turner
Threads taking place in the past and future.
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Are you out there [Keeran]
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Wizarding Networks
Want to send an owl to a family member? Pop your head through the Floo Network for a chat? Got yourself a two-way mirror? Communication threads will go here.
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St. Paddy's Day Parade
Time to get your Irish on! The Parade is held on Saturday in Diagon Alley, and all are invited to attend. Students need permission slips signed from parents or guardians in order to take the train from Hogsmeade to and from.
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poor unfortunate souls [Gretchen]
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The gloomiest part of Hogwarts resides in the Dungeons - so do the Hufflepuff and Slytherin Common Rooms!
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Ground Floor
The ground floor of Hogwarts includes the best and ever-popular Great Hall!
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First Floor
The first floor of Hogwarts has many classes and places of interest so is often the busiest outside of feasting hours.
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Curfew Calls [OPEN]
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Second Floor
This floor was mostly known for infamous leaking bathrooms and the Apothecary Department until a Student Lounge was established!
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Dragons stole my heart [OPEN]
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Third Floor
A few classrooms are here, along with the Library.
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Fourth Floor
The fourth floor has a few more classrooms, and a few abandoned classrooms as well.
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Fifth Floor
The fifth floor is mostly devoted to the liberal arts classes, but also has the Prefects Bathroom!
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Sixth Floor
The sixth floor is quite scarce, but let's hope you're not up here too often to see The Headmaster.
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Fate Goes Ever as Fate Must [OPEN]
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Seventh Floor
Ah, the top floor. The farthest away, yet sometimes the most interesting.
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every move you make
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The Towers are a beautiful place to be; overlooking the Castle grounds or being up here for classes.
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Running to Stand Still {Open}
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The grounds could be the most beautiful part of Hogwarts. There are many places to see, so get to it!
The Wizarding World
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Dancing in the Dark || Grant & Gretchen
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A little village only accessible to Wizards. It is nearby to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
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Diagon Alley
A high end street located in London! Diagon Alley has everything you need when becoming a new student at Hogwarts, but also many things for the older folk.
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The City's Cold And Empty | OPEN
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Knockturn Alley
Shopping Alley off of Diagon Alley. Very dark and dreary, so make sure you don't wander off alone.
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Curious Minds [open]
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Ministry of Magic
The Ministry of Magic is quite the place. Very hidden, but it is always hopping with activity that keeps the Wizarding World running.
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A Day in the Life | Lyra
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St Mungo's
The hospital for magical ailments.
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The Things We've Handed Down
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Character homes around the country.
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A Reason To Fight [open]
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Muggle World
Venturing into the common world, going on a vacation, or looking for a quick visit? Post here!
Out Of Character
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Member Fun
This is all for the members! Introduce yourself, post any graphics, or play some games!
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Strength in Unity || AU Marauders
166 threads
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We accept proboards and jcink, or like sites, that are guest friendly and do not alphabetize their advertisements or require log in to link back. If you do not meet our qualifications, we still invite you to check out affiliating with us! You may post your advertisement once a month and we will delete your old ad.
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If you need to take a little break for a few days, or have some thing to do, please post it here so we know!