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Nar then Mardy Bum [OPEN]
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Gryffindor Common Room Tower
Behind the Fat Lady's Portrait is the red and gold adorned round common room of stately Gryffindor. Lounging lions sprawl across over-stuffed red upholstered chairs. The Gryffindor showers off of each dorm are accented with red tile, golden shower knobs, and golden lion head taps.
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Love is Starting to Bloom (Mia)
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Ravenclaw Common Room Tower
Behind a door without a doorknob or keyhole, but a bronze knocker in the shape of an eagle that presents a riddle that permits entrance. In arched windows hang blue and bronze silks. A midnight blue carpet is covered in stars, reflected onto the domed ceiling. Blue tables, chairs, divan, bookcases, and a tall marble statue of Rowena Ravenclaw furnish the room. The Ravenclaw showers off of each dorm are accented with blue tile, brass shower knobs, and silver eagle head taps.
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every move you make
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Astronomy Tower
Whether you're up here for class or homework, or if you just need a breather to look at the stars, the Astronomy Tower is gorgeous.
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Tomorrow Comes (Open)
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Clock Tower
It can get pretty loud in here, but the views are incredible! There is a courtyard at the base and a large glass dial at the top for the school clock.
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North Tower
While not the tallest tower in the castle, it still has a beautiful view. The spiral staircase is also a sight in of itself.
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West Tower
Many of the students' owls tend to stay here. Send them out on a little fly with some mail, or give them a couple of owl treats! The tower is often filthy with owl droppings, so watch where you step...
The Towers are a beautiful place to be; overlooking the Castle grounds or being up here for classes.